The ecstatic feeling of living

The ecstatic feeling of living

Everyone desires a home in nature, stillness, mountains, greenery, peace, and harmony. Well, Pacific India is fulfilling the dreams of people who desire to live in nature, mountains, stillness, and peace. Their latest project which is Pacific golf estate is one the luxurious project in the laps of Himalayas. The unique scenery and stunning natural landscapes of this project will make you rejuvenate, revive and relax. This project offers lavish 3 bhk flats in Dehradun with all the luxury facilities and amenities. Spread over 35 acres of land, this is the biggest and the most extravagant housing project of Dehradun in which 80 percent of space is dedicated to landscaping which makes it the greenest property. The project is flooded with modern facilities like clubhouse, sports complex with all the sports facilities like squash, tennis, badminton, swimming pool, basketball and much more.


Living up in healthy natural beauty and mountains, you’ll begin to really feel the seasons around you without ever needing to look at a calendar. You’ll watch the plants change colors and you’ll feel the atmosphere changing as the temperatures rise and fall. You’ll stop being an observer, and you’ll simply become part of the natural way of things. That is the real beauty of living here at Pacific Golf Estate. Buy the most premium 2 bhk flats in Dehradun and make your life large and fulfilled. Away from the hustle and bustle of city, pollution, noise, chaos, this project is a perfect dream home for you and your family. Experience the peacefulness and unique feeling of calm and tranquillity at pacific golf estate.

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