Start Nurturing your Mental health

Start Nurturing your Mental health

We are all living in the fast pace world and never-ending relax time. This stress which is all around us affects our mental health which we are not aware of. That’s why people often advice to travel somewhere close to nature because nature has very profound effects on our mental health. Studies tell us that mental health and well-being become elevated when people experience some kind of engagement or connection with the larger world, outside of themselves like close to nature. That is when you extend yourself, your perceptions, beyond focusing primarily on your own self.


To enhance the lives of people, Pacific India brings you the luxurious homes Pacific Golf Estate which is located in Dehradun. These homes reside in nature and mountains making you a complete nature person. As nature has positive benefits on your health, this project aims to provide a natural environment and luxury around you at the same time. This is the most luxurious property in Dehradun.

This is a big project of 35 acres of land offering all types of apartments at sahastradhara road Dehradun ranging from 1 bhk to 4 bhk at a reasonable cost. This is regarded as a dream house project for people who are desiring nature in them as this project is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, greenery, mountains, and fresh breeze.

So, start cultivating your mental health by living close to nature with Pacific Golf Estate. The luxurious and natural homes are for you and your family. Book now as bookings are open

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