Securing Sliding Glass

Securing Sliding Glass

Sliding glass doorways and windows are in regard to beauty and leisurely because they allow extra light into the home, and they often open onto a deck or porch. However, the security risks with sliding glass are self-evident. The large glass sheets are more vulnerable to breaking, and they introduce a simple way of entry to anybody willing to break them. Likewise, a sliding glass doorway can be lifted right off the track and evacuated if it isn’t legitimately installed and secured.

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The latches on most sliding glass sections are also not as powerful as typical deadbolts. Examine all the sliding glass in your home to choose how to best secure each one. Various methods exist to enable you to make the most of your sliding glass while reducing the danger of the break-in.
Dowel roads- A dowel rod is a round stick that fits into the track of a sliding glass entry or window to prevent the glass sheet from sliding over the track. If a hoodlum disengages the latches on your sliding glass door, he can’t get the entryway open with the dowel bar holding it close on the opposite side.
Security sensor – A security sensor informs you while sliding glass is opened without your awareness or consent. It sends a signal to an alert board when the glass opens, either triggering a caution sound or automatically calling your alarm company, depending upon your particular security framework.
Shatter alarm – A shatter alarm is an extra sensor in a home security system that discerns both the sound of breaking the glass and the vibrations of the window when it gets stuck. Subsequently, the alarms inform you instantly if your sliding glass breaks. Most security system charges additional for a shatter alarm, yet it is a worthy investment.
Heavier lock – The bolt and lock on a typical sliding glass door comprise of a latch shaped like a hook that holds the door jamb. These latches are commonly unreliable and can be forced open with a hard shake or pull.

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