RERA as an ensuring body of transparency

RERA as an ensuring body of transparency

Dehradun is a city known for its beauty and landscape. The hill top view from the apartments is one of the reasons people often make a purchase of property in Dehradun. The city is known for being the capital of Uttarakhand. Dehradun as a city is mostly chosen by people for buying a property because the city is surrounded by mountains and Sal forests. Also, the other factor that adds to people buying a house in Dehradun is because of the pleasant weather which stays throughout the year. The highest recorded temperature in summers is 36 degree Celsius and in winters the temperature drops down to 5 degree Celsius. The pleasant weather prevails round the year, making the atmosphere breezy and beautiful to reside in.

A person who is looking to buy an apartment in Dehradun should know the market of the place, analyse their own needs and wants for the house. Also, before investing in a property, a person must clear all her/ his debts for it is imperative to minimize the risk of loans.

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority functions as a body that ensures transparency in the real estate industry and also ensures the proper functioning of the system within the industry. There are certain projects that come under RERA and are approved by/ through it, those are as follows:

– Commercial as well as residential projects including development of the plot.

– The projects are only for the purpose of repair/ re-development and don’t include any marketing, advertising, etc., in the process.

– Projects that measure more than 500 sq. meters

The above are few mentioned projects that come under RERA, in other words, these are a few of the projects that RERA keeps check on.

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