Real Estate Boom in Uttrakhand

Real Estate Boom in Uttrakhand

Demand of residential properties in Uttrakhand is touching new heights. Beautiful landscapes, foliage surrounding and bright prospectus of positive investment return in future gives the state one of the major advantages to attract the customers from all over India to own their dream house. This increase in demand leaded to rapid growth of real estate industry in the region and many major players of the industry are in the race to grab the chunk of the market.

Pacific Golf EstatePlaces like Dehradun, Rishikesh, Mussoorie and Haridwar became the hotspot in the race of rapid expansion of the sector. Let’s take an example of Pacific Golf Estate, a real estate firm which operates majorly in Uttrakhand and sees an opportunity of affordable housing in Rishikesh. Rapid growth of middle class in the region and need of affordable housing creates the opportunity for firms like Pacific Golf Estate to invest in the region. Their project of 1 bedroom flats in Rishikesh perfectly suits the need of the region keeping in mind the boom of tourism industry.

The firm also works on the project of 2 bedroom flats in Rishikesh which gives an economical alternative to the nuclear families to fulfill their dream of owning a house in the foothills of Himalayas and other than 1 & 2 bedroom, firm invested on 3 bedroom flats in Rishikesh which are targeted on the customers who want to make an investment & who work on a high pressure jobs in the cities and are looking for a second home in the hills.

This significant growth of the sector seems to benefit the economy of the region and eventually facilitate in overall growth of Uttrakhand.

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