GrihaPravesh Tips For Your New House

GrihaPravesh Tips For Your New House

Indians are very much particular about shubhmuhurats, with regards to purchasing a property or moving to another house. They trust that performing a Grihapravesh ceremony on a propitious day will bring them favorable luck and fortune.

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A GrihaPravesh function is performed, when one enters another home for the very first time. “It is imperative for the proprietor as well as for the whole family,” says Mumbai-based JayshreeDhamani, a VastuShastra, and astrology experts. As indicated by Vastu, a house is comprised of five components – the sun, earth, water, fire and wind and proper alignment of these components in a house, brings bliss, great wellbeing, flourishing and prosperity.

“It is believed that entering a home amid a favorable time, makes life simple and there will be the least struggle for the family, in the wake of moving into the new house. Days that are most favorable for such muhurats areDussehra (also called Vijayadashmi),AkshayaTritiya ,VasantPanchami, GudiPadwa,.

A housewarming performed on Dussehra does not require a favorable time, as each snapshot of this day is considered as propitious. Before the GrihaPravesh, a Kalashpooja is normally performed.

For this custom, a copper pot is loaded with water and nine sorts of grains and a coin are put in it. A coconut is set on the pot and one goes into the house with it, joined by the droning of mantras by a priest.

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