Features of the city – Dehradun and Real estate – Pacific Golf Estate

Features of the city – Dehradun and Real estate – Pacific Golf Estate

Dehradun as a city has always been appreciated of its landscape. Dehradun is known to be the school capital of India. It is also known as the winter capital because the weather in this city of Uttarakhand remains pleasant year around. The city is situated on the Himalayan foothills which is one of the main factors of the weather being pleasant and nice.

Dehradun has beautiful landscapes and sunsets which accounts for an eye capturing view in the evenings from the balcony of your houses.

The buildings of the real estate – Pacific Golf Estate, Dehradun are tall and accounts for a beautiful view of the sky and sun setting.

Pacific Golf Estate is one of the initiatives taken by Pacific India. It is a Real Estate project build to provide beautiful homes and architecture to the people. The property of Pacific Golf Estate is situated on a beautiful road – Sahastradhara road, Dehradun. Pacific Golf Estate, Dehradun is known for the tall buildings and the precision as well as symmetrical architecture, making it seem like the perfect real estate project. The Pacific Group also serves humanity by distributing rations to the people who need it as the times of covid were unprecedented and every help counts as a stepping stone towards improving the system and aiding in bettering it.

It is not just the humanitarian services that the real estate company does but it also provides for premium facilities of comfort as well as of luxury that it offers to the residents of the building – Pacific Golf Estate. The apartments in the buildings are of made out of and carved for different space and size, ranging from 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK to 4 BHK, and more too. The facilities eases living in the building and also allows the residents to be appreciative of comfort that the real estate provides.

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