Dehradun: Transition To a Smart City

Dehradun: Transition To a Smart City

upcoming residential projects in DehradunDehradun is becoming a cosmopolitan capital city with great developments economically. Schools, colleges, institutions and research facilities are adding to the growth of Dehradun. There are many residential projects in Dehradun commercially and residential both.

Idea of turning Dehradun into smart city contrasts with its traditional natural disposition. It will see a transition in coming years, old will love its natural beauty and young people will be inclined towards it developments and infrastructure.

Dehradun government has prepared master plan for the capital city to minimize the problem of traffic jams, pollution and congestion in the city. Transport Nagar is under construction to add convenience while commuting from one city to other.  These developments will boost upcoming residential projects in Dehradun.

Dehradun development Authority has amended laws for existing buildings to achieve sustainable development because Dehradun is seismic and fragile zone. Many provisions have been taken to make the structures safe and secure in Dehradun from disasters like landslides, earthquake and floods. To conserve the natural resources many steps are also taken to save water, promote rain water reaping and use of non-conventional energy sources to maintain the ecology.

Dehradun Development Authority is committed to keep the pace with needs of growing population of Dehradun. It is showing phenomenal growth in development of residential home. From metro cities home buyers are moving towards Dehradun to invest in property. This city is moving ahead in a planned manner with quality infrastructure services, housing needs in the most affordable way. Many plans are under the pipeline to make Dehradun meet the modern urban standards.

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