DEHRADUN – City of Dream Home

DEHRADUN – City of Dream Home

Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand ranks very high  according to Assocham, an industrial body which conducted survey  regarding places where Non Residential Indian’s(NRI’s) make their real estate investment. Bangalore topped the list for property investment by NRI’s; Chennai came in a close second followed by Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Dehradun.

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The interest in dehradun is not just from NRI’s but also from many people who work high-pressure jobs in the cities and is looking for a second home in the hills. This demand fuelled the construction of properties in dehradun and lead to drastic rise in their valuation. No doubt the place has merged as a productive investment venue which sures the long term returns and a safe financial future.

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It’s true, that purchasing a residential property in dehradun is dream for a lot of people and this decision needs to be given a lot of thought. People are not only seeing this rise as an investment opportunity but they also feel the need of more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle which can only be maintained by making the environment more nature friendly. No doubt everyone love to see greenery around them and feel the crispy cold breeze in their face and find the eternal peace of heart and mind between the beautiful mountains around them. The major landmark sites like 6-sided Ghanta Ghar clock tower which is right in the center of city, George Everest, Robber’s Cave, Shikhar fall and many more makes the city more exciting and beautiful.

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