Dehradun as a city of mountains and group housing projects vs apartments

Dehradun as a city of mountains and group housing projects vs apartments

The city, Dehradun, was founded in 1676. It is known to be the most populated city and is the capital to Uttarakhand. The city is also known to be the school capital as well as the winter capital of India.

known for its breath-taking landscape view and its weather too which ranges from 36 degree Celsius to 5 degree Celsius.

The apartment buildings are usually spread out over a land of 35 acres, the property is immensely beautiful and the architectural design is intelligently though out. The features of the apartment as a property are as follows:

– Healthy Air Quality Index because of the excessive plantation as well as less pollution levels of the city.

– Pollution free atmosphere leading to healthy lives.

– Beautiful landscape, admiring the view of the evening sun.

– Lavish and large apartments hence promoting better standard of living.

– Sports facilities – squash, basketball, swimming, badminton, playing ground

– Safe Children’s Play areas

– Gazebos and comfortable sitting area for the elderly

– Wide roads and planted pathways

– Ease of Transportation connectivity

The group housing project though, does not have features as luxurious as the apartments and surely, not all the apartments are as well facilitated as the pacific real estate property.

The group housing projects are usually made for many people to reside in. The structure of the group housing project is laid out as keeping the population as the base for design. Group housing in Dehradun is becoming common because of Dehradun’s increasing population. Dehradun, a city and the capital of Uttarakhand is regarded to be the most populated city and hence the group housing aids in achieving less chaos.

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